IHA Mission

To Preserve, Protect and Promote:

  • The international standing of its national associations
  • The commercial prospects of their individual members
  • The consumer insterest through good trading principles and environmental concern.


Communication is Key

While each national association is only too aware of the specific business and marketing environment in which it operates, it is self-evident that international co-operation is the best way to exercise influence. Business now transcends national boundaries, and key issues such as raw materials costs, employment legislation, information technology and security can only be fully understood by sharing expertise and experience.

The IHA promotes the exchange of information and specific advantages through the following channels:

International Congress
Every two or three years, organized by the association in the host country and attended by some 500 delegates plus partners, creating both friendship and information without barriers.

Regional Meetings
IHA member associations host other IHA members and interested channel partners at regional events in their countries. These various international networking events are usually held in conjunction with that member’s regional or international trade fair.

Dialogue With Associates
Manufacturers and manufacturers associations, significant event organizers representative of the entire range of products from the many associate members, ensuring open channels of communication between manufacturers and merchants.

Documentation and Newsletters
Compiles and distributes information and issues Press Releases on the most relevant developments and experiences of the national associations.

Use of the Logo
For national and international public relations and identification, in support of national associations and their members' specialist stores.

Encouragement and support for trainee placements between countries.

By introducing new technology and co-operation in Trade Fairs and Trade Magazines through the National Trade Organization.

The Secretary General and his staff are there to service each member country.

Council Meetings
The council and management committee are elected at Congress to serve as a governing body.