Switzerland (www.swissavant.ch)

Swiss Avant has around 550 specialty stores in the hardware, tools and household sector from all parts of the country; a number that has remained relatively stable during the past few years. In these shops are busy with 12,000 people, including 900 apprentices and teaching daughters. Annual turnover is estimated at CHF 3.0 billion well. Swiss Avant is divided into 18 regional and local sections. He can expect a degree of organization of more than 90%, as measured by the total number of shops in Switzerland.
Swiss Avant as a representative association has developed into a modern service organization. The expansion of the organization's tasks in the future in this direction, notably by the range of company-specific services, emphasis will be awarded. The main part of the activities of Swiss Avant is, however, the sector of vocational education and training. He was the initiator of the project, for example, a three-year apprenticeship in the sale, which was then introduced in 1993 and today is active in the actual design of the new force from 2004 Vocational Training Act (BBG) in part.