Sweden (www.byggjarhandlarna.se)

Sveriges Bygg- & Järnhandlareförbund

Sveriges Bygg- & Järnhandlareförbund, (The Association of Swedish Building Materials and Hardware Merchants) is a trade association and umbrella organisation for Sweden’s building materials and hardware merchants. We have some 780 members. We call ourselves “Bygg och Järnhandlarna” for short. The organisation was formed in 2004 through a merger of Sveriges Bygg- & Trävaruhandelsförbund, SBT (Sweden's Building Materials and Lumber Merchants) and Sveriges Järnhandlareförbund (Sweden’s Hardware Merchants Association). Since the blurring of sector boundaries is almost complete today and businesses are operating in one and the same market, the decision was taken to merge the two associations into one federation.

Our vision: The Association of Swedish Building Materials and Hardware Merchants will be the clear unifying force for the building materials, hardware and paint merchant sectors in Sweden.
This is the vision we have created and with it we want to show how we would like to be perceived by the external environment.

Our strategic goal: To help our members, through the federation’s various activities and information initiatives, to obtain the tools they need to help grow their businesses and broaden their contact networks.