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La Federación Española de Asociaciones de Ferretería (FEDAFE)

The Spanish Federation of Hardware is an organization representing employers in the sector of hardware, DIY, industrial supplies and utensils that are part of the 46 associations that currently make up. It coordinates, manages and defends the interests of all their constituents. Future plans include the promotion of continuing training courses in order to help the sector adapt to new technologies for improved competitiveness.

FEDAFE supports the initiatives and actions of entrepreneurs, in addition to other advantages:

  • Holds the representation of traders for all kinds of agencies and authorities to defend the economic, social work and the group of ironmongers.
  • The federation acts by analyzing the general problem of the distribution in the sector.
  • Starts most appropriate formulas for the rationalization of activities and also developing seminars, study meetings and conventions.
  • Maintaining relationships with international companies and business organizations.
  • To promote the association in the sector.
  • Promotion of culture through the Museum of Hardware.
  • Online services through the website to manage information related to the sector.
  • Promote cooperation between companies