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Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association (PHMA)
PAKISTAN HARDWARE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION was established in 1961. The Association comprises of Head Office at Karachi and two Circle offices i.e. Sindh and Baluchistan Circle and Punjab and NWFP with its offices at Karachi and Lahore respectively. In this way the networking of the association is spread all over the country.

It is also added that the major part of import and export of the country is carried out by the members of this association who ultimately has good effects on the economy of the country and plays a vital and pivotal role in its development.

The main aim and object of the Association are:
To protect and promote the interest of all persons dealing in Non-Ferrous Metals, Hardware, Tools, Machinery, Mill Gin Stores, and allied items.

To protect and promote the trade and to secure cooperation among merchants in general as well as those dealing in these particular lines.

  1. To make representations to the Government or other authorities for and on behalf of members in matters affecting commerce in general and these trades in particulars.
  2. To render to government or other authorities such assistance, information and advice as may enable them to promote trade and commerce.
  3. To establish and maintain Information Bureau, to print and publish journals, periodicals, newspapers, books, pamphlets, leaflets, directories etc. and to establish and maintain library and reading rooms for the promotion of the objects of the Association.
  4. To affiliate with any national or international trade organizations having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Association for the purpose of security the aims and objects of this association, provided the Association shall not be affiliated with any International or Foreign body with out the prior permission of Government.
  5. To run sections or departments including those relating to exports, imports, statistics, publicity, and publications as may be thought necessary or expedient.
  6. To impart research and development work in the relevant fields, etc.