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Japan DIY Industry Association

Japan DIY Industry Association was established on July 18,1977, as a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the DIY spirit and developing the related industries. On May 19,1980 we were granted permission by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) to become incorporated as "Japan DIY Industry Association". As a non-profit foundation, we have been conducting a variety of activities to promote a comprehensive development of the DIY industry and to contribute to enhance the living standard of the Japanese people through wholesome promotion of DIY. Designed by 8 general committees and 1 special committee (total 9 committees), our projects are aggressively conducted in cooperation with our corporate members nationwide to achieve regional promotion of DIY. Our policy of promoting DIY through united efforts by the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors of the DIY industry has been acclaimed by many people and the number of corporate members has grown considerably, from 260 companies in 1977 to 485 companies (as of December, 2011). We have 71 retail member companies that have more than 3,300 homecenter stores in total all over Japan. We at Japan DIY Industry Association will continue to expand our member network to promote DIY.