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Assofermet is the National Association of enterprises of trade, distribution and pre-processing of steel products, traders in non-ferrous metals, ferrous and traders in the business of distribution of hardware.

Born in Rome on 8 February 1948, brings together over 800 companies and 30,000 employees nationwide, with 20 commodity sections and regional bodies.

Assofermet, strong experience of more than sixty years, has always been the only aggregator of a wide community with a double knot in the world of steel and metals. As a meeting point for entrepreneurship dynamic and able to cope with changing markets, Assofermet continues for decades to support a sector that is increasingly crucial to confirm the Italian economy.

By providing a neutral ground for comparison between the actors involved in the life and nell'operosità associative Assofermet represents and safeguards, in institutional and private, and shared common interests. Assofermet is convinced that the pursuit of competitiveness also resides in the ability of operators to provide a wealth of knowledge and qualified information.

Hardware Assofermet groups throughout the country distribution of hardware retailers - wholesalers, distributors, retailers of different sizes - and is also directed to other important sectors of the industry. The Association is the meeting point and comparison of many of the most significant companies in the sector with a turnover estimated at more than 5 billion euros / year.

The spirit of association and the collegiality of those measures are now more than ever, a fundamental contribution to the support of individual strategies.