The Hardware Federation of Australia
The Hardware Federation of Australia (HFA) may look a bit different than most other IHA organizations. HFA (the IHA member) is made up of the State Associations of South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. These independent incorporated organizations have their own individual members consisting of retail, wholesale and manufacturing. Tasmania and the two Territories, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, do not have their own hardware associations.

The State Associations have their own programs but there is a similar theme. This includes occupation health and safety, OH&S, wage awards, training and government liaison. The activities of each State are also similar, such as golf days, social functions, store and personal achievement awards and newsletters.

The HFA meets two to three times a year to hear reports on the various State activities and guide the States in their future activities. HFA also has associate members, those being National suppliers. These National Supplies, on joining the HFA, automatically become members of each State Association.

So it can represent the industry, the HFA acts as a liaison with the federal government and other industry organizations. Over the past two years it has been assisting the government on an industry committee on chemicals of concern in the making of explosives. This committee has a close relationship with the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Submitted by Rod Evins, Immediate Past President HFA